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Great Driving Range

I have been to Golf World a few times and the range is always well taken care of. The automated ball dispenser is awesome, as I don’t have to call to see if someone is there. I would recommend it to anyone.

Dave D.

Thorough Instruction

Purchased a three lesson set, I’ve been playing for 5 years with minimal instruction. The lesson’s started with the basic’s including grip, stance, club position & rotation. Terry is very patient & answered all questions along with working to reinforce the techniques he gave me. The two lessons to follow again reinforced proper techniques along for how to hit many different types of shot’s including up hill & downhill lies, sand shot’s along with pitching & chipping techniques. It’s been a few weeks since my last lesson & are looking to return for additional lessons to work on my consistency! I would highly recommend Terry as an instructor.

Don Letendre

Great instructional Experience with Terry M.

I had three very helpful lessons with Terry. I had total Knee replacement 18 months ago and was looking to getting back into playing the game of golf , I had not played in three years and when I did it was maybe 10-12 times a year. Terry was very helpful in breaking down everything from my grip ,stance and complete swing with each phase of the game.He was very patient,encouraging and thorough in his explanation of the skills. I am looking forward to getting out there and putting all his help to work for me. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their skills or just starting to play the game take advantage of his expertise.
John D.

John DeMeo

Great Instructor

We’re retired and just had our first golf lesson. It was great. The instructor Terry was a pleasure to follow. He helped us ‘unlearn’ our poor habits from years ago and lead us through simple effective steps. We had immediate improvement in the basics and are eager for some practice. We’ll return soon for our next lesson.

Dave and Patty Mance

Common sense approach!

Wanted to take lessons for a few years; finally pulled it together & purchased a three lesson pack. The instructor Terry was professional, non judgmental and has a wealth of information. He showed me the correct process from the grip, stance & correct swing plane. At each lesson he reviewed the basics, directed me after each swing & corrected any issues even taking additional time after the lesson was over. I will take a few weeks to work on my game & will be back for additional lessons; would highly recommend Terry as he really cares about improving your game!

DOn Letendre

Love It

This is a great driving range. Very clean and well maintained. It may also be the only range in the area that has its own electronic ball dispenser. I was there twice in the last week and The owner Terry who is a certified golf instructor gave me some great tips and helped me work on my swing. You don’t see that level of commitment these days and it was much appreciated.

Thomas Smith