Golf World Driving Range offers the only fully automated golf ball dispenser in the area.

Golf World Driving Range is the only automated range in the area! We offer a fully automated golf ball dispenser, which means there is no need to call ahead when you want to get some practice in. Simply insert your credit card, debit card or pre-paid Golf World range card and you can be on your way to improving your game on the practice range.

We have installed this feature to better serve those who may wish to practice during times when the range is not physically staffed, providing for the ability to practice from dawn to dusk, any day of the week!

Instructions for Using Ball Dispenser

  1. Place the bucket under the chute
  2. Choose bucket size (S,M,L) using silver button
  3. While price is on the screen, insert and remove your credit, debit or range card
  4. After card processes successfully, machine will dispense golf balls